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"Meshulam" The company is named
after Professor Raphael Meshulam,
who discovers the active ingredient
in cannabis. (CBD and THC)

Mesholam, he is a revolutionary in his field,
which is why some call him "the grandfather
of medical cannabis"


3 different possibilities of using medical cannabis:

- Smoking
- Gummy bears
- Chocolate

Mood board and Process

Design without packaging

שוקולד שכבה 1 - גרסה 4-01-01.jpg
ירוק שכבה 1 - גרסה 3-01.jpg
גרסה 3 - דובני גומי שכבה  1-01.jpg

Minshar School of Art
Course led by Adlai stock

Tools for this Project; 

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