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Hi i'm Noam :)

28 years old, born and raised in Tel Aviv.
Finished a degree in visual communication at Minshar school of art in Tel Aviv and at the Open University.

I was exposed to the world of art from a young age, My parents are the owners of "Meitsag Gallery", a framing workshop and an art gallery. 
I've always been working with my hands and always been very creative.
I see the world as one big playground and I always strive to create content and do as much as possible. I really like to study our culture and society.

I like visual content that stimulates the senses, that makes you think and gives a different angle on the conventional. i am also very interested in social sciences, so I did a degree that combines visual communication and social sciences and the humanities.

I am a very sociable person who likes a good environment  and good energy. I think outside the box to find creative solutions. I know how to manage and lead, but also know my place when needed.

I am looking for a place to develop and learn from the masters.
I am a soul player and believe in teamwork to achieve the goal :)



Service in the IDF



Multimedia producer in IDF
photography, Filmmaking,
video editing, and graphic design.

I started creating personal art
(Mostly photography) which I
exhibited and sold in different galleries.

2017 - 2022

First business

Printing house 
I run a small fine-art printing business,
working with FineArt prints. The main
work is with artists and photographers.

2017 - 2022


Art and Framing Gallery 
Throughout my studies, I worked in an art
and framing gallery. The work included Artwork 
sales, framing for artworks, and working in the workshop.

2018 - 2022

Bachelor's degree

Visual communication Studies 

Bachelor's degree in visual communication

design at Menasher School of Art.



I work on different projects with different customers or companies. it can be a Video project, Graphic Design project or any one of my other skills. 


Group exhibition | "The Israeli spirit" - 2017
Group exhibition | "The Israeli spirit" - 2018
Group exhibition | "Still City" in 2018
Group exhibition | "Kandinoff Salon" - 2019
Group exhibition | Gil Riva Gallery 2019
Group exhibition | Point of view at the Tao Center 2021
Group exhibition | +GRAPHICA+ La Kulture 2022



  • Ps - Photoshop

  • Pr - Premiere pro

  • Id - InDesign

  • Ai - Illustrator

  • An - Animate

  • Lr - Lightroom Classic

  • Ae - After Effects

  • Procreate (APP)

  • Figma

Technical Skils:

  • Photography

  • Video shooting

  • Directing

  • Drone photography

  • Analog photography

  • Productions

  • Illustration

  • Scans and recovery

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