GOAL ATSMI - my final project 
The magazine tries to present the problematic and
controversial parts of Israeli culture, through the
lack of success of local football over the years.

Course lead by: Hila Shaltieli and Meir Sadan
A part from a video clip created by 14 artists
for the song BLOODFLOW by BEATFOOT.
Course lead by: True Twins
BALL - is a channel for live football broadcasts from around the world.
Course lead by: Inbal Kaplan
Mechoulam - brand design for medical cannabis.
Inspired by Professor Raphael Mechoulal
Course lead by: Adlai Stock
Grand Hotel Tel Aviv Re- branding for a concept
hotel modelled on the
Grand Synagogue 
- one of Tel Aviv's historic buildings in the city.
Course lead by: Amnon Iluz
Book defined - Ultras Antifa
groups in European football
Course lead by: Amit Ben Haim
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